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شقة للإيجار في برج سي سايد , جزيرة الريم , أبوظبي

غرف: 3

حمام: 3

موقف سيارات : 2


شقة للإيجار في برج سي سايد , جزيرة الريم , أبوظبي


3 Baths

2 Parking

1,453 sqft



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نظرة عامة عن العقار

  • إسم المشروع Sea Side Tower
  • المجتمع جزيرة الريم
  • النوع شقة
  • عقد إيجار
  • السعر AED 102,000
  • مرجع الوحدة AP59341
  • المساحة 1,453 قدم مربع
  • غرف 3
  • حمام 3
  • موقف سيارات 2
  • إطلالة الوحدة إطلالة على المجمع

تفاصيل عن المشروع

Unit Features:
Best quality finish
Nice bedroom
Ample living-dining area
Elegant Styled Kitchen

Al Reem Island offers residential, commercial and business projects lying 600 meters off the northern coast of Abu Dhabi. The natural island can be accessed by 3 bridges located 20 minutes from the Abu Dhabi International Airport.
Shams Abu Dhabi will accommodate about 100.000 residents by offering 22.000 residential units in 100 towers, and a one million square meters theme park, representing a masterpiece in the future development of the capital city.

Sea Side Tower is a Residential Tower consists of high quality and affordable apartments. It is situated to the luxurious sub-community of Shams, Al Reem Island.

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تفاصيل الوحدة

3 Bedroom Apartment available for إيجار in Sea Side Tower
This 3 Bedroom Apartment in Sea Side Tower comes in the size of 1452.6 sq ft. This unit have 3 Bedroom, 3 bathrooms and parking.
The Apartment available in Sea Side Tower Price per Sq.ft is 70 AED.
for this 3 Bedroom Apartment in Sea Side Tower.
Abu Dhabi Reference number for 3 Bedroom Apartment for إيجار in Sea Side Tower is AP59341
Details for this 3 Bedroom in Sea Side Tower, including Photos and Virtual Tours.Floor plans for this Apartment in Sea Side Tower
Find the location map for Sea Side TowerBest Price for Sea Side Tower are available now
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Virtual tour

Unit fixtures

  • A/C
  • Balcony
  • Built in wardrobes
  • Built-in Wardrobe
  • Central A/C
  • Central A/C systems
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Closed Kitchen
  • Cooking Hood
  • Cooking hoods
  • Fire alarm system
  • Fitness club
  • Garbage disposal
  • Hot Water System
  • Light fittings
  • Lighting
  • Power Outlets
  • Power Supply
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ما هو سعر Ready to Move in! Fantastic High Floor 3BR Apt in Sea Side Tower! في برج سي سايد , جزيرة الريم ?

سعر Ready to Move in! Fantastic High Floor 3BR Apt in Sea Side Tower! في برج سي سايد , جزيرة الريم هو درهم إماراتي 102,000

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