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غرفتين وصالة بمساحة كبيرة للبيع الان

شقة للبيع في الزينة , شاطىء الراحة , أبوظبي

غرف: 2

حمام: 2

موقف سيارات : 1


غرفتين وصالة بمساحة كبيرة للبيع الان

شقة للبيع في الزينة , شاطىء الراحة , أبوظبي


2 Baths

1 Parking

1,851 sqft



سجل إهتمامك

نظرة عامة عن العقار

  • إسم المشروع الزينة
  • المطور الدار العقاريه
  • المجتمع شاطىء الراحة
  • النوع شقة
  • عقد للبيع
  • الملكية Free Hold (All Nationalities)
  • تاريخ التسليم 30/09/2011
  • عمر العقار 10 years
  • السعر AED 1,750,000
  • مرجع الوحدة AP33222
  • المساحة 1,851 قدم مربع
  • السعر لكل قدم مربع درهم إماراتي 945
  • غرف 2
  • حمام 2
  • موقف سيارات 1
  • إطلالة الوحدة Garden view
  • البنوك الممولة في Mashreq Bank
  • عائد إستثماري 6%
  • دفعة شهرية درهم إماراتي 0 / 0 yrs

تفاصيل عن المشروع

Al Zeina community provides 500 meters of premium beachfront, state of the art gyms, library, relaxation areas and meeting areas.
Waterside restaurants, al fresco coffee shop and outdoor dining areas are also built for perfect environment.
Retail high street shopping area is for those looking towards a contented life. 24 hour gated security secures the community, manned security is also provided, video surveillance entry security enhances the security and garages stay secure with access control panels.

Al Zeina in Al Raha Beach is the home for people who want to escape from the busy lifestyle of the mainland city.
It is designed with public squares and cascading water running within gardens, ensuring a peaceful life amongst nature. And enhancing the environment even further, a retail high street, coffee Shops, restaurants and supermarkets are placed in Al Zeina for the convenience of the residents along Abu Dhabi’s sheltered coastline, islands are shaped by inlets and canals, crisscrossed by bridges.

Eleven precincts emerge within one waterfront development, each with their own distinct personalities and appeal. Some feature quiet family villas tree lined neighborhoods on the water. Some are more vibrant up market apartments in lively districts with international and boutique retailing, creative quarters with galleries and performance spaces.
A dynamic central business district pierces the skyline. Office towers are centered around an impressive circular marina, location for the new World Trade Centre building. Home to 120,000 residents enjoying picturesque views across the water, Al Raha Beach stretches over 10km of dynamic living, that is the distance from the southern tip of Manhattan to Central Park in New York, or from Regent s Park to the Millennium Dome in London.
Restaurants and cafes command vistas of picturesque marinas. Residents have the ideal opportunity to enjoy all kinds of marine sports and activities. Plentiful hotels, diverse in style, allow visitors a taste of this fresh outlook on waterfront life, to explore its attractions, to cruise the bays.

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تفاصيل الوحدة

2 Bedroom Apartment available for للبيع in الزينة
This 2 Bedroom Apartment in الزينة comes in the size of 1851 sq ft. This unit have 2 Bedroom, 2 bathrooms and parking.
The Apartment available in الزينة Price per Sq.ft is 945 AED.
for this 2 Bedroom Apartment in الزينة.
Abu Dhabi Reference number for 2 Bedroom Apartment for للبيع in الزينة is AP33222
Details for this 2 Bedroom in الزينة, including Photos and Virtual Tours.Floor plans for this Apartment in الزينة
Find the location map for الزينةBest Price for الزينة are available now
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Unit fixtures

  • Balcony
  • Built in wardrobes
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Laundry Room
  • Open Kitchen
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ما هو سعر Vacant Apt w/ Garden View huge layout + Huge Terrace في الزينة , شاطىء الراحة ?

سعر Vacant Apt w/ Garden View huge layout + Huge Terrace في الزينة , شاطىء الراحة هو درهم إماراتي 1,750,000

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