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Rdk Towers 2 Bedroom

Rdk Towers 2 Bedroom

عقد السعر النوع غرف نوم حمام موقف سيارات إطلالة الوحدة المساحة رقم المرجع عقار المجتمع

108,000 درهم إماراتي

شقة 2 3 1 إطلالة على المجمع 1,314 قدم مربع AP70868 RDK Towers جزيرة الريم

113,750 درهم إماراتي

شقة 2 3 1 إطلالة على المجمع 1,432 قدم مربع AP70947 RDK Towers جزيرة الريم

117,000 درهم إماراتي

شقة 2 4 1 إطلالة على المجمع 1,575 قدم مربع AP69000 RDK Towers جزيرة الريم
إسم المشروع أبراج RDK
نوع العقار بنتهاوس | شقة
غرف النوم المتاحة إستوديو, 1, 2غرف نوم
تاريخ طرح المشروع Jun 2020
موعد التسليم مايو 2020
Property Age 50
نطاق المساحة 73867 - 1575 قدم مربع
الموقع جزيرة الريم

RDK towers, a residential property located in one of the prime locations on Reem Island. The property is designed by world renowned architect, Foster & Partners, who have also done the interior design. RDK Towers consists of three towers each with its own rooftop swimming pool and gymnasium. The striking views towards the Canal and out to the Sea have driven the design, resulting in a dynamic cluster of strong individual vertical elements that make up each of the three towers. Rotated to maximize views, each element of the towers offers a different experience of the site, and creates a delicate, fragmented elevation. The clustering of the towers recalls the massing of traditional Arabic architecture as well as breaking down the volume of each tower to reduce the perceived scale of the residential development and to fit in with the Reem Island master plan.

The towers consist of studios, one, two bedroom and penthouse apartments which are all fitted with the best high end amenities and a sleek contemporary design. All units are designed to maximize light and views while also maintaining privacy.

The towers are prime example of beautifully detailed concrete structure and glass frontages that reveal wide panoramic views while protecting the interior space from glare and solar gain to keep a comfortable internal environment through passive environmental means.

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